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A polyvalent Designer



My internship in the School of Interactive & Digital Media allowed me to point up my education's strenghts and weaknesses. Indeed, Supinfogame is a school specialized in Game Design which only offers few technical lessons. I so personally intended to develop scripting skills to better understand technical issues and to facilitate the communication with programmers.


I have become over the years a polyvalent Game Designer able to design, to script and to test my own gameplays. As you can see in the projects section, I also develop Game Design tools such as an user-friendly curve editor to visually define progression curves or another one that I use on FPS projects to balance ranged weapons.


I am particularly efficient in VBA and LUA and mainly develop my personal projects on the ShiVa 3D, a French cross-platform engine dedicated to Windows, MacOS, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Palm, Nintendo Wii and most of the Internet browsers).


To conclude, the projects I developed thanks to Ubisoft's proprietary tools Dunia and Snowdrop have also given me an appreciable knowledge of visual scripting languages. I became one of the main references in Snowdrop  few months after joining the Ubisoft San Francisco's team.



Macros for Microsoft Office



Game Designers daily use desktop applications such as the Microsoft Office. This is the reason why I have first learnt VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in order to automate recurrent functions such as Word document formatting or exporting specific datas from Excel spreadsheets to a XML file. These macros allow Game Designers gaining a lot of time and better focusing on the content itself.


I have also developed genuine level editors on Microsoft Visio for my personal projects Xtreme SWAT. and The Legend of Zelde. It allows Level Designers to tune all the parameters required and include functions to debug the workshops and to export it into a XML file. Hundreds of levels can easily be created in few minutes thanks to these level edtiors.





Advanced features



The opportunity to learn LUA occured during my final-year project Little Jurassic People. The project has been developed thanks to the ShiVa Editor by 6 Supinfogame's students and several external members. As the core team was only including one programmer, I volunteered to script some parts of the gameplay to reduce my classmate workload.


I still develop gameplay prototypes nowdays, primarily on the ShiVa Editor..


This is a non-exhaustive list of features that I have already developed:

  • 3D automated camera for casual games
  • 3D character customization
  • 3D character animation (skeleton)
  • 2D character animation (sprites)
  • Character motion
    • 3D: physics + navmesh
    • 2D: self-scripted motion system
  • Hexagonal grid calculations
  • Range weapons shooting system
  • Procedural world generation
  • Dynamic ecosystem
    • Persistent vegetation (growing / spreading / withering)
    • Complex faun (migration / pack behavior / reproduction)
  • Complex AI based on the Min-Max method (chess-like AI)
  • Multiplayer synchronization
  • XML import / export
  • HUD / GUI
  • Inputs detection
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • Joypad
    • Wiimote
    • Touch screen
    • Accelerometer