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Professional experience



Career path






Game Designer

Ubisoft Inc. (San Francisco, USA)

  • Working on the AAA project South Park: The Fractured But Whole
  • Designing and scripting combats
  • Implementing characters models, animations, powers, VFX and cameras
  • Reviewing overall game content
  • Carrying out missions abroad to improve the working process with partners
  • Teaching French to teammates out of working hours
  • Providing croissants


  June 2016





Game Designer

Ubisoft Ivory Tower (Lyon, FRANCE)

  • Taking part in the pre-production of the online racing game The Crew 2.
  • Designing and prototyping game modes for planes and boats
  • Designing the player progression
  • Designing open-world features


  November 2015





Game and Mission Designer

Ubisoft Ivory Tower (Lyon, FRANCE)

  • Working on the AAA project The Crew and its expansion Wild Run.
  • Designing, scripting and balancing 7 PVE game modes + 3 PVP game modes
  • For cars, bikes, dragsters, monster trucks and drift cars
  • About 130 missions created per designer
  • Also carrying out missions abroad to improve the working process with partners


  February 2013





Freelance Game Designer

Self-employed (SIRET n°534 074 178 00013)

  • Mainly consultant for Facebook, iOS and Android applications.
  • Long-term mission in Kylotonn Games as Mission scripter for Hunter's Trophy 2.
  • Improving my programming skills and developing my own game prototypes.
  April 2011




Game and Level Designer

Gameloft (Madrid, SPAIN)

  • Game and Level Designer for Blitz Brigade.
  • Game and Level Designer for an unannounced social game (Facebook).
  August 2010
  June 2010




Game and Level Designer

Hydravision Entertainment (Tourcoing, FRANCE)

  • Game Designer for The X Factor video game.
  • Game Designer for Dungeon Twister the video game.
  • Level Designer for Aladin Magic Racer.
  • Game Designer for other unannounced projects.
  July 2009
  June 2009




Game Designer, community manager and gameplay scripter

Supinfogame (Valenciennes, FRANCE)

  • Participing in the final-year project Little Jurassic People: a 3D browser-based MMO game oriented towards general public. Developed thanks to the StoneTrip's ShiVa engine.
  September 2008




Game Designer

School of Interactive & Digital Media (SINGAPORE)

  • Two-month training period at Nanyang Polytechnic's SIDM thanks to an international student exchange program. As Game Designer for Second Life simulations and educational mini-games based on the TV show Hi-5.
  August 2008
  January 2007




Private First Class

93ème Régiment d'Artillerie de Montagne (Varces, FRANCE)

  • Reserved Private First Class as Alpine Hunter: French elite infantry trained to operate in mountainous terrain and in urban warfare. Well-versed in squad organization and tactics.
  September 2005







Kevin came onto South Park: The Fractured But Whole at a time when the project was already in crunch. He rapidly came up to speed with very little tutoring and was immediately productive. He takes on tasks from the difficult to the menial without flinching. When he looks for opportunities to improve the game he jumps in and demonstrates through action. I recommend Kevin with more enthusiasm than I can convey here, he's been a godsend for the combat team.

Brian Bartram, Senior Systems Designer at Ubisoft San Francisco


Recommended by

Hervé Gengler, Senior Game Designer at Ubisoft Ivory Tower


Recommended by

François Coulon, formerly Executive Producer at Ubisoft Ivory Tower


“Kevin is a very good professional. He has a great knowledge of the industry and works really well in all the aspects of the game. Expect solid results from any task, from creating fresh ideas and concepts to delivering high standard documentation.”

Alejandro Arque Gallardo, formerly Senior Game Designer at Gameloft


Recommended by

Benjamin Ortiz, formerly Lead Game Designer at Hydravision Entertainment


“We went through some long crunch time with Kevin. His spirit, humour and determination helped the entire team to overcome our project hardest moments. All along the time spent together, Kevin helped me overcome technical hurdles and provided me with interesting solutions for new and more efficient design. Also, I've rarely met someone capable of providing such rigourous, detailed and structured design documents. Finally, a word on his learning abilities. In a few months time he went from scripting newbie to scripting guru on the project! His capacity to adapt to all type of working conditions made him an essential asset to our team!”

Andrea Di Stefano, formerly Lead Game Designer at Little Jurassic People


“Kevin was on student exchange at our school and worked in our student's final year projects. Kevin came across as a conscientious team player who was involved as a game designer in the team.”

Albert Lim, Deputy Director at the School of Interactive & Digital Media